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Are you in search of the very top payment gateways in India on the market? Perhaps you may be considering such choices that best go with your Magento, WooCommerce, and other major outlets, so as to provide the most appealing and secure payment portal particularly for customers based in India.

As you likely are aware, the Indian ecommerce market positively brims with payment portal options available, so it can be exceptionally challenging to determine which works best with your online business. Below, you can learn about the 5 best funding gateways available for web-companies based in India in 2021:

As of early last year, projected internet payments in India were predicted to expand by over 20% CAGR from 2019 to 2023, with the prediction that upwards to 660 million residents of India making monetary transactions via internet payments by the end of 2023. 

The COVID Factor

However, one major element the analysts at that time did not properly factor in was the full length and breadth of the novel coronavirus pandemic which has brought the world to its knees. While many aspects of the global economy suffered greatly from the major curtailing of in-person commercial activity, the internet shopping sector actually flourished. Most significantly, online commerce–and digital payments, as a result–grew substantially in markets where offline corporate transactions had previously been the norm, most notably within India. Much of India’s urban population is still early in their journey of transitioning to making payments 100% electronically, which indicates tremendous potential for your store as more and more Indian consumers opt to shop exclusively on the internet. With that in mind, we are pleased to introduce you to India’s top payment portals of 2021 on the internet with which your ecommerce operation can thrive.  

Number Five Payment Gateways in India

SBI- State Bank of India

The State Bank of India (commonly referred to as SBI) is India’s largest bank with Mumbai as its central headquarters. in Mumbai. It presents online vendors with the chance to utilize an internet payment portal in order to collect funds from customers who are using domestic as well as transnational credit plus debit cards. As of 2020, SBI’s brand value was 6.4 billion USD, and provides a highly compatible pay entry for e-businesses with a predominantly Indian consumer base due to its prominence as a highly trusted public sector national bank. 


Razorpay is an up-and-coming Indian payment portal provider which currently hosts more than 800,000 clients. The Bangalore-originated company began in 2014 and became an Indian unicorn startup in October of 2020 after being valued at one billion USD, and was given over 200 million USD in investment funds to date.

Razorpay’s greatest highlights include its immediate activation plus straightforward integration function. If you opt for Razorpay as your pay gateway provider, you get access to a dashboard on which you can view and analyze funding transaction data in real time. Razorpay is an excellent deposit entry for companies of all sizes as well as freelancers and the self-employed, thanks to its high degree of simplicity and security.

Razorpay can be applied to all the major ecommerce platforms: Magento, WooCommerce, etc, and can accept deposits from a variety of methods including credit or debit card, UPI, net-banking, and e-wallets.       


The name PayPal should not be new to anyone. Its reach is truly global, as it has a presence in upwards to 200 countries with over 325 million active users worldwide. PayPal is an especially advantageous deposit gateway for Indian ecommerce operations looking to expand internationally, thanks to the payment software behemoth’s truly global influence. 

It allows nearly each and every single international banking card company and recognizes international currency transactions, allowing users to withdraw funds in 56 currencies and growing. The entrance provides a highly simplified, streamlined checkout process that makes for superior checkout conversions when compared to alternative pay methods.

PayPal maintains 24/7 transaction monitoring that ensures customers do not fall victim to scams thanks to its world-class security system. Its recurring paying function makes it a popular choice for the biggest and most dynamic Indian online companies looking to expand their global footprint.


Pay-through-mobile (Paytm for short) is a Noida-centered multinational technological company which specializes in digital deposit systems, ecommerce, and finance. Paytm was first founded in 2010 as a prepaid mobile and direct-to-home recharge platform, adding data card, postpaid cell phone and landline bill payments in 2013. 

It introduced the Paytm wallet in 2014 and launched its ecommerce platform in 2015 starting as a transportation funding system. In 2017, it became the first deposit app in India to reach more than 100 million downloads. 

In addition to the superbly popular consumer payment app, (simply known as the Paytm App), Paytm has also developed a dynamic and versatile payment portal for internet businesses to use, known as the Paytm Payment Gateway. It was first imagined with the intention of being user-friendly and accessible to patrons who are new to the exciting universe of making online remittances.

The gateway hosts all significant pay sources, both foreign and domestic, particularly bank cards, netbanking, UPI, Paytm Wallet, and Paytm PostPaid. It is the only one of its kind in India that accepts UPI deposits with 0% transaction fees, and is the only source to feature a T+1 settling schedule.     


HDFC Bank (a subsidiary of the Housing Development Finance Corporation) is a Mumbai-based banking and financial services corporation, which is also India’s largest private sector bank. It provides a user-friendly and fraud-proof remittance gateway program for collecting online deposits.

It was one of the first banks to be granted approval from the Reserve Bank of India to establish a private sector branch as early as 1994, in keeping with the RBI’s financial liberalization initiation in the same year.

You can easily set up an HDFC pay gateway in your own ecommerce site, and discover a major drop in delays and bureaucratic busy work, plus receive fundings immediately for purchases made with your HDFC bank account. Relevant extensions for integration purposes are available for all major ecommerce platforms including Magento 2, WooCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart and others. Additionally, the HDFC payment portal includes world-class security measures like 128-bit encryption and an SET certification for a digital signature.      

What to consider when selecting a Funding Gateway in India:

  1. Speed and flexibility of responsiveness

How quickly and thoroughly funding portal transactions can go through are a top priority when determining which you would like to use. Patrons want to complete financial transactions quickly and succinctly, and if they don’t get a rapid response, they are likely to look to a competitor instead.

  1. 24/7 customer support

Whether the majority of your main customer base is in India, or you’re seeking a transnational consumer market, having a rigorous customer support team and highly specialized automated services for when you can’t have live staff on hand. Your clients should be confident that any concern they may have will be dealt with and resolved at any time, day or night.

  1. Easy Program Integration

It’s extremely important for all aspects of your e-business to be successfully working in tandem if you want that enterprise to sustain itself and grow. Therefore, you really need a funding gateway which seamlessly integrates with your other operations, such that you don’t even have to think about it.

  1. Extra-Fast Bank Settlement Time

As with the importance of responsiveness timing, minimizing banking settlement time is also something that you really can’t skimp on a payment gateway if you are interested in keeping your patrons happy and loyal. Many pay portal settlements can take 5-6 work days to go through. If you can find a portal provider that offers bank settlements which take less than 3 days to be complete, you will be at a distinct advantage against your competitors.

  1. Safety and Security

There’s nothing new users of online shopping sites, like many older consumers in India, fear more than having their private financial information leaked or being defrauded great sums of money while attempting to make a digital purchase. Therefore, it is paramount that you decide on a payment gateway that offers world class security measures to your prospective clientel. 

  1. Offer of partial pay

If your venue supplies large or high-end items, customers will be more enticed to consider making purchases from you if they are able to make payments in installments. You will get a leg-up on the competition if you work with a payment portal that allows customers lots of control over their purchase in terms of how much money they are able to release at one time, how often, and when to make these installments. This sense of control will assure new online buyers that they are making the right decision, and will be more likely to recommend your internet business to friends, becoming your very own hot leads.  


In these difficult pandemic times when many of us try our best to avoid in-person shopping, as online business vendors, you can take advantage of India’s new drive towards greater e-commerce and build up your loyal customer base. A great place to begin is by finding an ideal payment gateway sent to your shop.

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