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Even with the wide variety of different platforms available to choose from for online businesses, many still opt for Magento thanks to its high-tech features, open-source code and countless other functions, which has only contributed to its growing popularity and widespread adoption in the world of online business. 

The available display options in the eCommerce industry have, sadly, developed a habit of lagging behind the demands of sellers and merchants who wish to use them when showcasing their products and services. Fortunately, Magento development services have been at the forefront of offering opportunities on the platform which meet the needs of a variety of online businesses. Whether your ecommerce operation requires basic or the most advanced features, Magento is up to the task.

Magento has been able to help expand the scope of available services and products for online business owners and operators in addition to developer agency support and customization services. 13 years is a long time in business development terms, and the platform has faced its own challenges, and ups and downs along the way, such as coding changes, reduced frequency of online activity and switches in ownership, yet Magento has weathered them all to remain among the top ecommerce platforms on the market, with no plans to slow down in sight! While thousands of online commercial operators are already using Magento as their website platform, even those users may be missing out on some of the most exclusive features the Magento webshop has to offer. Read on to discover these intriguing facts and opportunities for yourself!

Boosting Internet Use and Innovation


You’re presumably already well aware that Magento drives internet use, but do you really know by how much? In fact, the numbers are shockingly high–1.2% of all internet websites are driven by this platform. Magento is used most prominently by online commercial owners and operators as they set up retail stores, and boasts of nearly 12% of the ecommerce website platform market share. What you may not be aware of, however, is that there are two distinct versions of Magento that you can choose from: Magento Commerce and Magento Open-Source. 

Magento Commerce offers additional features for high-end and fast-expanding online businesses, presenting users with a competitive advantage over other customer management systems like WordPress and Drupal. Magento remains number one in market shares of the customer management application niche, and its success levels are only going up. 

Online Retailers’ Top Choice of Platform 

Online Retailers Top

Magento Commerce is the number one choice for ecommerce heavy-hitters worldwide. It is the preferred platform for large-scale entrepreneurs, executives and merchants in any number of sectors, and is the desired platform for vendors of world-leading brands like Nike, HP, the North Face, Land Rover, Samsung, Bulgari, Warby Parker, and many more. 

For smaller retailers looking to expand their scope which do not yet have the global name recognition, staff size and budget to employ Magento Commerce, Magento Open-Source is still an excellent choice, offering thousands of unique, customizable features designed especially for small and medium-sized businesses looking to make their mark online. 

It currently is host to over 250,000 online retailers and is a source of increasing loyalty based on the increased rate of growth among new users to the platform each year, and works wonderfully with both B2B and B2C based transaction systems.

Between March 2017 and August 2018 alone, the number of online stores which use Magento as their website platform more than doubled. Thanks to Magento’s guarantee of an extended catalogue of top-quality functions, many of these stores already have promising sales and revenue numbers. The sheer quantity of features available in Magento Commerce ensures that additional third-party apps are not needed. 

Unlike WordPress and WooCommerce which require third-party apps to achieve full functionality, Magento requires no plugins or add-ons, and delivers multiple advanced features like improved security standards, a plethora of customization options and an enhanced user experience. 

Extensions & Themes

Extensions & Themes

For all the fanfare Shopify gets for its thousands of different extensions, Magento still earns the top spot for that metric, thanks to its curated collection of more than nine thousand unique extensions. Do make note, however, that roughly half of that number are associated with Magento 1, and the other half with Magento 2. New extensions for Magento 1 stopped being released in June of 2020, and the platform has become largely obsolete in the time that has followed, so you are strongly encouraged to update your system to Magento 2 if you have not done so already. You can surely expect the number of new extensions being released for Magento 2 to quickly dwarf those ascribed to the earlier version–discover them for yourself! 

The massive selection of extensions and themes appeals to all sorts of developers, serving both expert and beginner developers alike. By integrating all these useful and innovative extensions, you can save both time and money, all while enhancing your platform’s functions and features–in truth, it’s an excellent tool for developers seeking to quickly and effectively detect and apply solutions to their site problems. What’s more, Magento presents users with a massive variety of many different themes and templates on which to create their online store’s user interface, with distinct dashboards available for both customers in the front end and developers/administrators in the backend, offering regularly-evaluated higher quality functionality for all involved.

Number Of Active Magento Developers

Magento boasts of having an incredible range of different developers and professionals in its platform ranks who work by helping clients or on their own projects independently. Magento is also working tirelessly to help store owners and administrators looking to take their brick and mortar business online through full-framed web development work, which further showcases the platform’s full catalogue of functionality and features while also striving to improve the overall user experience.  

Particularly within recent years, Magento has become a standout ecommerce platform for store owners looking to expand their online business opportunities, in large part due to its active and vibrant user community and open-source code. At the same time, the platform’s developers always stay one step ahead of the curve of ever-changing relevant technology. For questions the wider Magento community are unable to answer, service providers, merchants and sellers can seek out state-of-the-art technical support to make the experience both convenient and educational.

Magento’s Global Reach

Magento’s Global Reach

Are you an ecommerce agency or corporation looking to grow your online presence? There’s good news yet for you! Magento is always looking for partners to collaborate with as part of their efforts to innovate and strengthen their community of online stores. In turn, Magento has forged partnerships with more than thirteen hundred online retailers and agencies to date, and is willing to work with new partners of all shapes and sizes, and from any industry you can think of! Discover more about this exciting and convenient opportunity here.

Magento partners have the ability to assist clients and customers with site design, creation and implementation of new business programs, improving overall process functionality, and provide general community support on an ongoing basis. By participating in this series of activities, as a partner, you will help contribute to the success of merchants using the Magento platform, seeing them improve their business scale and growth. 

Calculating the Daily Download

In 2008 when Magento was initially launched, it received roughly 500,000 downloads during its first year, which at that time was considered a smashing success. Little did the founders know that this was only the beginning, as the more people became familiar with the platform, the more popular it became, attracting online businesses of all sizes looking to expand their outreach and scale. The platform has come a very long way from that 2008 rate of a half million downloads during the whole calendar year: at present, Magento receives more than 5000 downloads each day, meaning that they are consistently able to achieve that first milestone within three months.

What’s more significant still is that these listed downloads only reflect statistics taken from the official website–the actual number is somewhat harder to track since  many people have also been downloading the Magento Open-Source platform from software directories found elsewhere, so this number is bound to be higher!


Are you still not sure that Magento is the right platform for your online business? Well, only you can decide how good a fit Magento is for your ecommerce store. It can be difficult to determine which version–Magento Open-Source or Magento Commerce–most closely suits your needs. The good news is that you don’t have to figure it all out alone. Armed with all the new facts and information put forward in this article, you can always seek guidance from Magento extension distributors like the fine folks at Mirasvit to figure out the best way forward for you and your online store. Good luck, and don’t be afraid to dream big!

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