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Are you the owner or administrator of an online store looking for a platform to maximize your company website’s scope? If so, it’s high time you check out Magento for your ecommerce website management needs! This innovative ecommerce platform sports a number of excellent features, user-friendly designs, a professional and committed community and a highly knowledgeable support program. It boasts of having some of the most widely-recognized brands worldwide such as Nike, HP, and Sigma among the companies it platforms. 

What makes Magento such a successful ecommerce solution?

Among the multitude of reasons why Magento is such a great resource for ecommerce sites is the seamless shopping experience it offers customers from all forms of mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. It is highly reliable and secure, presenting developers with a great deal of flexibility for their company site. It can integrate custom functions and features and has a wide variety of product display options to choose from. Furthermore, it has the option of customer loyalty programs which are quite easy to assemble. 

Top Highlights

For now, let’s take a moment to look through some of Magento’s highlighted features:

  • SEO features which let users create search engine-friendly URLs
  • Easy management of inventory within far-reaching product catalogues
  • Marketing and conversion tools including upsells, price promotion for particular shops and categories
  • Category-filtered browsing of catalogues and products
  • Site management for controlling multiple stores and websites from a single administrative panel

What else is special about Magento?


Below, let’s take a moment to review some relevant statistics about the online business website platform that is Magento as we consider its value for current and future online businesses of all scopes and scales. 

Magento is the globe’s second most popular ecommerce platform

Magento currently accounts for 12% of all ecommerce, only second to WooCommerce’s 18%, though that gap continues to shrink with each quarter.  

Merchants using Magento grow their business by nearly three times their pre-platform levels

Magento has become a top ecommerce platform for worldwide consumer product giants like Nike, Ford, Bulgari, Jaguar, and HP. 

 More than 20% of the top 1000 ecommerce companies in North America use Magento for their company store website platform. 

Magento handles more than $155 billion worth of transactions each year

This constitutes more than a third of all top 1000 ecommerce funding in North America.

What are the Biggest Perks of Magento Web Development? 

Magento web development works wonders in helping your online business greatly expand in scope and scale. Let’s consider just a few of the advantages you can look forward to by choosing to use Magento for web development: 

  • Integrating custom features
  • Wide variety of available transaction options and settings
  • Third-party integration made easy
  • Individualized security permission
  • Top-of-the-line SEO
  • Multi-site and multi-store functionality allowed to coexist 

Which should I use: Magento Open Source or Magento Commerce?

Magento Open Source or Magento Commerce?

This is a question that all ecommerce company proprietors are asking when they get started with the platform. Needless to say, there is no universal answer for all online business websites. A lot depends on the size and complexity of your business, as well as your projections for growth and scalability. What’s the difference, you ask? Let’s take a closer look at the two options:

Magento Commerce

Previously referred to as Magento Enterprise Edition, developers designed this version with larger online businesses in mind. It utilizes advanced built-in features and additional capabilities with regards to marketing, content management, customer experience, and other fields. With an annual cost of $24,000, it is only especially appropriate for megastores bringing in massive amounts of revenue. 

Magento Open Source

Magento Open Source refers to the free version of Magento, and was designed for smaller e-commerce businesses which do not require as much support as their larger counterparts. At the same time, large companies that run a low maintenance business may also find the free version more appropriate. While it may have limited functionality in some areas, Magento Open Source largely provides adequate support for all base essential ecommerce transactions. If a single highly specific function that a website requires but the Open Source platform lacks, Magento extensions and plugins can also be utilized to compensate, hassle-free.  

Which Is Better?

As stated above, it really depends on the size and complexity of your business. It still probably makes sense to at least start with Magento Open Source, and assess if and to what extent it meets your needs before going on to purchase Magento Commerce. Take into consideration the number of monthly sales, unique visitors and your monthly budget when deciding which model is best for you and your business. 

Building the Right Response Design

Magento Design

At present, more than three quarters of all Americans own a smartphone and roughly 100 million own a tablet. Approximately 80 percent of all Americans do at least some of their shopping online with about half purchasing goods and services via a mobile device.

It is especially important at this time to have a robust and dynamic responsive web design (RWD) for your company website if you want to foster ongoing positive customer engagement with your consumer base. The mere existence of your business’ website does not guarantee a degree of sales unto itself–you need to make sure yours is especially interactive, up-to-date and performs highly by many other important metrics if you want to maintain your base of loyal customers.

As you construct your very own RWD, you need to take into account both your business and development goals. Make sure your company design and development team is completely on the same page so that you can each collaborate with particular tools and development frameworks at any time. To ensure success when implementing your RWD, you need to factor in the speed and performance requirements of your particular site. You should also be prepared with a strong knowledge of your customer preferences and behaviors.

Pay Attention to the User Experience (UX) and Responsive Designs

A quality user experience is paramount for converting online shop visitors to online shop customers. If they find your page uninteresting, unhelpful, slow or confusing–particularly if it’s their very first time checking it out–visitors will be likely to abandon your shop for that of a competitor who caters to their particular needs more actively. Visitors need to feel listened to and recognized when shopping in your store for them to be left with a good impression of your brand. 

The primary factors that make up a successful user experience (UX) include accessibility, usability, design, speed, and system performance among others.

Of course it makes sense to seek out a Magento distributor with connections to your local area who can understand many of the intricacies of your particular market. At the same time, there is also great value in working with a large distributor which operates all over the world and is highly familiar with a multitude of markets. In particular, the distributor Mirasvit has a client base of over fifty thousand companies based out of 125 countries and over 14 years of experience in the industry.

Mirasvit As one of the world’s top Magento extension providers, Miravit has worked tirelessly to satisfy all clients’ wants and demands, paying a great deal of attention to the merchants’ needs and challenges as well as product quality assurance. This has allowed them to develop some of the most prolific and cost-effective solutions on the market.

The ready-to-use modules will make your ecommerce business run far more smoothly and effectively. With their impressive professional experience backing you up, you can be certain you’ll receive excellent value on any Magento extension you purchase for your company website.

Mirasvit offers each of its clients the following benefits as guarantee:


All of their extensions are top-quality products, putting meticulous care into all stages of development: from research to QA.


The support engineers are outstanding problem solvers. Whatever happens to your store, you can expect top-of-the-line support.


You can receive a refund for any transaction within 30 days from purchase – no questions asked! You can also expect to receive free lifetime updates.

Mirasvit offers outstanding support packages to their Magento clients that stand above when their competitors’ have to offer.

Direct Help from Developers

When you contact the support team, high-level Magento developers are ready to work with your tickets.

Service Level Agreement

Mirasvit makes a point of answering every ticket within 8 business hours, trying as hard as feasible to solve any ticket within 24 business hours.

Live Chat Support

You can ask any presale or basic questions in the chat function. The experts on hand will work tirelessly, doing their best to find the right answer to your questions.

Full Documentation

Every product has documentation that describes installation steps, every configuration option, common issues, and solutions.

Only you can determine how good a fit Magento 2 is as a platform for your ecommerce store, Still, you can always seek guidance from Magento extension distributors like the fine folks at Mirasvit to figure out the best way forward for you and your online store.

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