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The eCommerce sector is expanding at a rapid pace, as more and more individuals understand the simplicity and convenience of online buying. The number of internet retailers is now estimated to be between 12 and 24 million. Naturally, competition is tough, and eCommerce companies are looking for methods to acquire a competitive advantage.

However, there is one aspect of any online shop where you may differentiate yourself from the competition – customer service. Let’s face it: with millions of eCommerce websites out there, it’s difficult to stand out. And in this case, exceptional customer service may be the difference between you and your opponent, if the service isn’t that amazing. Let’s have a look at how you may enhance customer support in your Magento business.

Why Magento is the best choice?

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If you’ve selected Magento as your eCommerce platform, you’ll be joining around a quarter-million businesses who have trusted Magento to serve as the foundation of their online stores. Their faith is well-founded, as Magento provides a slew of advantages that lead to the development of a high-performance online business capable of providing excellent customer service.

Free to use

Magento provides an Open Source version in addition to its premium Commerce edition. This solution is ideal for small enterprises since, on the one hand, it is highly cost-effective and, on the other hand, it allows for a great deal of customization. It’s also worth noting that, despite being free, Magento Open Source has a plethora of valuable features.

Outstanding functionality

After you’ve set up your online store on Magento, you can make use of all of the wonderful features it has to offer. You receive multi-language and multi-currency support, customizable price and tax setup, and a variety of discount possibilities. Furthermore, as a Magento administrator, you will be able to create and get a variety of valuable logs and reports that will allow you to monitor the operation of your webshop.

Flexible settings

Magento offers a multitude of customization possibilities in addition to the extensive built-in capabilities. You may customize the design and feel of your online store, as well as build bespoke product catalogs, integrate your preferred payment channels, and set special shipping or return conditions.

Ready to use on mobiles

According to studies, mobile sales will account for 72.9 percent of total eCommerce sales in 2021. This trend shows that online retailers should focus their efforts on developing mobile applications or mobile-friendly websites. In this regard, Magento is frequently the best platform to use. It enables the development of responsive online stores that provide seamless user experiences on all sorts of mobile devices.


Magento is an excellent platform for companies who want their online stores to develop over time. Magento-powered e-commerce websites can easily accommodate an increasing number of incoming requests and survive peak loads. Furthermore, when the time comes to transition from Open Source to Commerce, you will be able to do it seamlessly and swiftly.

SEO features

To provide appealing customer service, make sure your website is adequately optimized and that you constantly follow the on-page SEO checklist. SEO friendliness is an intrinsic concept in Magento. Product pages and other types of information may be simply optimized for indexing. Magento-powered websites generate SEO-friendly URLs as well. When you choose Magento to construct your online commerce website, you can be confident that your items and services will have a considerably greater chance of appearing among the top search results.

A lot of developers

The Magento developer community has over 300,000 members globally. Such widespread support and contribution guarantee that the most recent technological advancements are evaluated and implemented as soon as possible, and that you can always obtain competent advice. The community develops a large amount of information by sharing expertise and recommending changes.

Tips and instructions on how to use Magento to build great support service

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When you construct a webshop using the Magento platform, you may take advantage of its features’ great performance and efficiency. However, in order to generate genuinely exceptional client experiences, you must ensure that your service and support are first-rate. Here are some pointers to help you along the way.

Make it fast

One of the most important things in customer service is reaction speed. The faster you answer, the better your chances of retaining client involvement. Customers frequently want assistance with their trip around your website, which should take them to checkout and purchase, thus the prompt response is especially vital for online retailers. Losing time may result in the loss of a customer.

Consider adopting live chat to ensure your support team answers to consumer concerns as quickly as feasible. According to data, live chat response time is just two minutes, which outperforms other communication channels such as email or social media. 

Live chat allows you to assist consumers while they are still on your website and their engagement is at its peak. If you are successful in resolving their difficulties fast, they are more likely to continue shopping and may make a purchase from you.

Communicate at ease

Your consumers should have no trouble contacting you or your customer service representatives at any time. Make sure your contact information is prominently displayed on your internet business. Simultaneously, if you use a live chat widget, it should be immediately accessible. 

Another effective practice is to reach out to customers proactively and give support at key moments of the purchasing process where they are likely to encounter problems. Implementing behavior analytics tools, such as Google’s Enhanced Ecommerce reports, can help you discover those stages. Such data will indicate how users go through your webshop, from one step to the next, and will assist you to identify potential abandonment areas. This is where you might wish to provide assistance via live chat.

Provide your customers with unique helping tools

Self-service resources will be considered a must-have by 2021, with 88 percent of users expecting enterprises to provide them. These are the consumers that prefer to try to address their issue on their own and will seek out whatever help they can find before giving up and contacting assistance. 

To cater to such clients, your Magento online shop should include self-service tools such as a knowledge base and FAQs. Invest in high-quality business copywriting to ensure that the text material you provide to consumers is clear and instructive. 

Your knowledge base, by the way, might be another source of consumer feedback. You may acquire useful information not just about the quality of your self-service resources, but also about your goods, by evaluating how users explore knowledge base material. 

Customers want to be able to manage their accounts, orders, payments, and shipments as well as resolve any difficulties. Magento provides users with an Account Dashboard where they can follow all of their online purchasing activities with your web store.

Convenient feedback

Customers will enjoy a simple and easy-to-use contact form for issues that do not demand an urgent response from your staff. In that form, customers may express their thoughts about your web store’s performance, provide criticism, and provide suggestions for improving the user experience.

At the same time, you may utilize the contact form to transmit any relevant information. For example, you might indicate cooperation opportunities that you support or information for the media, as well as the contact information for the respective department. 

It’s a good idea to repeat the basic contact information on the form as well.

Magento allows you to create and customize bespoke contact forms for your website. Make use of this opportunity to provide your consumers with a way to contact you. And, of course, ensure that their input receives a timely and relevant response. Furthermore, if you continue to use phone numbers as a customer contact channel, you may wish to use call tracking to gain a better knowledge of how your consumers learn about you and which marketing strategies are most effective.

Amazing functionality

You picked Magento as your eCommerce platform for a reason, and that reason is the extensive variety of helpful features that it offers. You may take it a step further and proactively notify your consumers about these advantages, ensuring that their shopping experience is genuinely exceptional.

Customers may not realize that they may utilize the Account Dashboard to handle their orders, payments, and other shopping activities. If your online business works on a global scale, you will almost certainly integrate multi-currency and multi-language support, which you may need to communicate with your consumers as well. They will enjoy shopping with you more as a result, which will lead to increased engagement and retention.

Use extensions

Magento offers hundreds of extensions that enhance its capabilities and provide additional alternatives in addition to its out-of-the-box capability. Many of these extensions were created and submitted by independent firms before being thoroughly evaluated and authorized by Magento specialists. One of the best companies that develops add-ons is Mirasvit.

The Magento marketplace, for example, provides a variety of customer support extensions that enable the integration of third-party solutions and the implementation of high-quality help. When you utilize extensions, you receive features that have been well vetted by their creators and may use them without any additional code on your part. The Help Desk extension by Mirasvit is a great solution for such tasks.

Inspect important information

Of course, even the most successful customer care tactics will fail if your web business fails to meet the expectations of your clients. The negative experience they have with you will merely push them away from you and make them look for alternatives.

To avoid this, monitor your website’s performance on a frequent basis to uncover any flaws in real-time. Make a list of performance elements that must be tested and verified to ensure that they satisfy your expectations. 

One of the elements to consider is the speed with which the site loads. Few things have a greater impact on user experience than loading speed. Consider this: a website that takes more than three seconds to load loses more than half of its visitors! As a result, employ dependable speed monitoring instruments and take fast action whenever a degradation is detected. 

In addition, test your web store’s user experience. Is the search simple and effective? Is the product information easy to understand and informative? Can users simply add things to their carts? Did you consider offering coordinating items? Is the checkout process simple and secure? Try to answer these and other similar questions by viewing your website through the eyes of your consumers and considering what you might do better.


When you run your online store on the Magento platform, you automatically have access to Magento’s wide features. Combining it with high-quality goods, amazing user experiences, and exceptional customer service is the recipe for success. You will receive a lot of delighted clients with full shopping carts if you have a skilled support team that is equipped with advanced tools and knowledge-sharing resources.

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